11 true healing to my heart. I am still a work in progress, as new layers continue to be uncovered, but there’s hope and peace in every step of the journey. I believe that God longs to make Himself known to all of us in a real way. He desires that we know His unfailing love intimately and deeply—not just in our heads, but deep within our hearts—so that we will fully trust Him. It’s the place where true and lasting change begins. It is the foundation that allows us to confidently walk our journey to wholeness. It is the fuel that heals us, and the power that drives out the darkness. There is more to this life than trying to make it through the day. Don’t let the shadows of life rob you of joy or hope…or keep you in destructive patterns…or prevent you from fulfilling God’s divine purposes for your life. In God’s amazing grace there is power to rise above—if we choose to open our hearts and believe.