12 introduction Third in the Never Lose Heart book series, Lifted by You: A Heart Changed by Perfect Love, is written as a response to the first two books, Never Lose Heart and Grounded in His Love which are intended to be read as love letters from God. This book is what I have come to know about God’s love at the core of my heart on the other side of challenges. And it’s the response and attitude I want to live out each and every day when new challenges come my way. However, I am quick to admit that I can still be slow to come around. Because let’s face it, we are human, and we tend to want what we want when we want it. Instant answers. Instant resolutions. Instant remedies. Trusting God and waiting on Him is easier said than done sometimes. My prayer is that Lifted by You will remind us that God always has our best interest in mind and that this book will inspire us to look more on the side of hope, no matter what situations we encounter. Because there is always hope. God is always working on our behalf, leading us deeper in our walk with Him, so that we can go higher. Every challenge,