dedication As I write this, it’s Father’s Day. The first Father’s Day since my dad passed away on December 20, 2016. I am overwhelmed by the steadfast love of my Heavenly Father and the realization of how it has filled me, changed me, sustained me, healed me, and lifted me. And I am overwhelmed by the immense love I feel today for my earthly father, whom I was not close to, as I imagine him in Heaven, fully healed and restored, waiting to see me again. I look forward to his embrace and to that new day when we can start over, fearlessly building the relationship I know he always wanted with me deep within, just as much as I wanted it with him. I am overwhelmed by this miracle in my heart and filled with gratitude for how God has used everything in my journey to lead me to this place. It is with this heart that I dedicate Lifted by You: A Heart Changed by Perfect Love to my dad.