6 acknowledgments One of the greatest joys that has come from publishing my books is to see how you, my friends/readers, have been inspired to see God’s love all around you. Every time I receive an email or a text message with a heart image, it warms my heart, especially when there is a story behind it or when God has used it to speak to you in a specific way. These love letters from God are such gifts to be cherished, so thank you to those who have taken the time to share your encounters. As a way of showcasing this movement, I have chosen to feature some of these photos in this book, in addition to my own photos. Thank you to the following people for graciously allowing me to include yours: Nevaeh Baker (page 102); Andrew Brock (page 61); Bobbie Jo Carver (pages 17 and 57); Jessica Clemons (page 110); Cindy Comperry (page 77); Lily and Jeff Culbreath (page 81); Pamela Daugherty (page 93); Beth Easter (pages 41, 49, and 105); Ruth Elliott (page 54); John Fletcher (page 94); Karen Gonzales (page 114); Leslie Henderson (page 121); Judy Hoosier (page 70); Grace Ahn Hundley (page 98); Adriane Ketelsen (page 46); Becky Kown (page 53); Sandra Ledbetter