7 (page 89); Melissa Linscott (page 97); Molly Neu (page 42); Laura O’Shoney (page 18); Brenda Roggy (pages 73 and 125); Helen Rolf (page 29); Melissa Russell (page 65); Lora Schrock (page 122); Hudson Speece (page 22); Samantha Star (page 74); Jenny Stock (page 106); Zee Stokes (page 133); Heidi Tieslau (page 30); Rachel Wachtel (pages 34, 50, 109, and 130); Drew Weresuk (page 82); Sharon West (page 17); Mary Glynn Williamson (page 26). Heartfelt gratitude to my dear friends and family who helped me bring this book to completion, including Todd Adams, Allen Baun, Amy Biter, Dave Carew, Cheryl Casey, Cindy Comperry, Lily Culbreath (sister), Anne Kufeldt, Peggy Schaefer, Billie Ann Smith (mom), Marshall Smith (brother), Jenny Stock, and Tim Weaver. I love you all! An extra thank you to my mom for tirelessly praying for me and for inspiring me with your unshakable faith and huge heart of love, and to my sister for all the ways you encourage and support me.