9 suffered immense rejection and crucifixion on a cross, of all things— the lowest, most humiliating, shameful, and painful form of death in the ancient world. If He went through all of that for us, why would He fail us now? He redeemed us not so that we can wander in the darkness and live defeated lives. He redeemed us so that we can rise above the power of darkness and live the purposeful life He designed for us. He died with outstretched arms. What a picture of His amazing love toward us. The hands that were nailed to that cross reach toward us today with infinite love to heal and to liberate. So why do many of us find ourselves unable to conquer the shadows of despair or rise above old, destructive patterns? Is this you? What keeps you there? If it’s not that you have lost hope, could it be that you are so wrapped up in picking up the pieces from a broken past, and trying to fix yourself, that you are stifling the power of God’s love—the love that will mend you and begin making you whole?